EPISODE Four: Bakara wintner

Bakara is a gifted tarot reader and author of “WTF is Tarot? And How Do I Do It?”, as well as the owner and head witch in charge of Everyday Magic, a crystal shop and all around healing house in North Carolina.  

What does it mean to be a witch? Is it a part of the feminine mystique of 2018? Bakara takes us along her path of origin and transformation. We spoke about truth, being yourself and coming to terms with embracing our personal human evolution.

I travelled to Durham, NC this summer, in the midst of some road trip chaos, to meet with Bakara and her team over at EM. Walking into Everyday Magic, was everything I hoped it would be and more, filled with color coordinated crystal alters, healing tools and sacred objects, meant to inspire your inner high priestess. While there, Bakara gifted me a baby goddess amethyst crystal, a friend I always bring along with me now on road trips.

What strikes me the most about Bakara is her ability to speak so clearly and truthfully about her path, where she came from and where she is heading. I think it’s her commitment to her own personal truth that creates her aura of inner strength and genuine character.

Learn more about the work Bakara does at her website.